IncubAlliance welcomes its new start-ups

Computing, molecular technology, electronics, robotics and biotechnologies: there are many areas of intervention for the six future start-ups that officially entered the Incub22 program during the last selection committee. Back on this new promotion.


It was after 35 days of intensive training provided as part of the GenesisLab that six projects were able to join the ranks of IncubAlliance Paris-Saclay. 35 days which, given the exceptional circumstances created by the Covid-19 health crisis, had to be provided remotely. "As long as we had the necessary tools, we did not hesitate to keep the GenesisLab in place. And experience shows that we were right: trainers and start-ups having all played the game, perhaps even with extra work, the exchanges were indeed as rich as in previous years and the overall rating of the evaluation is without doubt one of the best ever obtained, higher than 17/20, ”comments François Many, Assistant director of IncubAlliance.

On the program for these 35 days of prior training: a 360 ° approach covering all of the fundamental aspects of the seed phase of the technological start-up to consolidate the project. Market analysis, communication, financing, management tool, etc. : Nothing was left to chance !

It is then a new adventure that awaits the projects that have been selected to access phase 2 of the Incubation program: Incub22. Project leaders now have 22 months to deepen and challenge their strategic, operational, commercial, financial and human positioning. What strengthen their chance to transform the essay to go from idea to market. We wish them great success in the realization of their respective projects!


Presentation of the new promotion:


  • COMPA : Arcadie FUIOR and Melki ANDRES

Accompany beekeepers to help them fight against the decline of bees thanks to a dietary supplement which strengthens bees, increases their vitality and helps them better fight against aggressive factors.


  • DEEPER BEAUTY : Marie-Johanne GOMIS

Skin diagnostic tool in order to offer a recommendation of suitable cosmetic products.


  • ECHO CUBE : Alexis MOREAU and Mathieu WELSCH

Network of automated aquatic robots capable of intercepting waste in lakes, canals and rivers before it reaches the ocean and becomes micro-plastic


  • INNOSENS SOLUTION : Angelica Yingcen TANG

Production de solutions anti bactérienne de nouvelle génération.


  • PUZZLE : Pierric LE GOFF

Production of new generation anti-bacterial solutions.



Provides induction charging of electric vehicles. Simple, Ecological and Economic.