“An essential accelerator for our growth”

“IncubAlliance played the essential role of growth accelerator in the entrepreneurial adventure of creating GeoFlex. When I was creating my first business, I lost precious time by focusing everything on self-financing the activity. I decided to go into agile mode for the GeoFlex project. That’s why I naturally turned to IncubAlliance, whose expertise and expansive network helped me get a head start and find my way in the jungle of innovation support mechanisms.”

Romain Legros, GeoFlex Founder and CEO
Startup specialized in developing new GNSS augmentation services


“A major role as guide to the complex world of business creation”

“A key part of the support structure for creating innovative businesses at the Saclay platform, IncubAlliance played a major role as our guide when it came time to launch Tridimeo. When you’re coming from the research world, creating a business means venturing into an unknown environment. In this complex environment, it’s essential to very quickly learn the skills and conventions of being an entrepreneur. A metamorphosis I certainly wouldn’t have completed as quickly without the kind but exacting guidance of my IncubAlliance contacts.”

David Partouche, Tridimeo Co-founder and Director
Startup specialized in designing next-gen, industrial 3D vision solutions


“Participating in GenesisLab: a foundational experience”

“Participating in IncubAlliance’s GenesisLab was a foundational experience for me and an essential prerequisite for developing Kinvent. Jumping head-first into the reality of creating a business by tackling real practical situations under the watchful eye of experts offers a unique opportunity to become aware of the gaps in your process and to flesh out the basics of your project by going through dismantling/building iterations.”

Athanase Kollias, Kinvent Founder
Startup specialized in physical rehabilitation and biomechanics