Success of the 1st Reverse Meeting organized by IncubAlliance

On Thursday 6 June, four industrialists and 12 start-ups participated in the first Reverse Meeting organized at IncubAlliance's premises by the incubator.

MYPL: First tele-expertise in a multidisciplinary consultation with MYPL solution

IncubAlliance’s MYPL startup attends two leading health care conventions: PHW19-HIT in Paris and MEET2WIN in Bordeaux, and demonstrates first tele-expertise using its solution.

IncubAlliance at Vivatech 2019

IncubAlliance attended Vivatech 2019 on May 16 and 17, along with the Paris-Saclay TTO and the Fondation de mathématiques Jacques Hadamard, at the Université Paris-Saclay’s booth. Six startups supported by the incubator also participated in the event.

SQY Cub: Call for candidates from May 15 to 17, 2019

SQY Cub, in partnership with IncubAlliance, is recruiting its next class!

Three IncubAlliance startups certified French Tech Seed Paris-Saclay

Agriodor, Teratonics and Dataswati, three IncubAlliance alumni startups, have been awarded the French Tech Seed Paris-Saclay label during the first selection committee meeting held on April 24.

SPRING 2019: IncubAlliance offers a unique immersion experience in the entrepreneurial process

A partner of the 2019 Paris-Saclay SPRING event, IncubAlliance is offering a graphic facilitation session on Wednesday, May 15 on the topic of the entrepreneurial process within the Paris-Saclay ecosystem.

Skales signs their first contract

Skales is a startup supported by IncubAlliance that specializes in adding value to scientific software by developing web services. They’ve just announced the signing of their first contract with Dynfluid, a fluid mechanics lab at Arts et Métiers de Paris.

JEE 2019: IncubAlliance gets involved with student entrepreneurs

The Student Entrepreneurship Day, held on Thursday, March 21 by Université Paris-Saclay at the ENSTA ParisTech facilities, was an opportunity for IncubAlliance to meet student entrepreneurs and participate in various panels.

Launch of IUMTEK product, the elemental chemical analyzer revolutionizing LIBS!

On April 18, IUMTEK will present its TX1000, the elemental chemical analyzer that’s revolutionizing LIBS! Come check out this versatile solution designed for research centers that want to identify their samples without any prior detection or analysis preparation.

IncubAlliance: value of incubation process enhanced by National Directory of Professional Certification (RNCP)

IncubAlliance, the Paris-Saclay Campus tech incubator, celebrates the first anniversary of registering its incubation process with the National Directory of Professional Certification (RNCP). This is the first step in recognizing the skills required for the process of creating a business. While it provides…

Techinnov 2019: four IncubAlliance-backed startups highlighted

Quandela, mirSense, Posithôt and Dataswati, four IncubAlliance-supported startups, were highlighted at Techinnov 2019 in the Open Innovation Défense and Intelligence Artificielle challenges.

MySkiBox: first real-life Box@ll campaign

Box@ll, an IncubAlliance-backed startup specializing in designing secure and accessible ski storage services has installed their first module – MySkiBox – at the Saint François de Longchamp resort.

Theranexus receives €6.2 million in funding from Bpifrance

Theranexus, an innovative biopharmaceutical company that came through IncubAlliance, announced that it has obtained €6.2 million in financing as part of the Investments for the Future program (PIA) operated by Bpifrance (a Structuring Research and Development Project for Competitiveness, PSPC) to develop…

Tridimeo announces €1.3 million in funding

Tridimeo, an IncubAlliance startup and pioneer in ultra-fast, multispectral 3D imaging, has just wrapped up a funding round of €1.3 million.

IncubAlliance: 4 winners at the 1st WILLA Boost for Women in Deep Tech

From January 17 to 19, IncubAlliance hosted the 1st WILLA Boost for Women in Deep Tech: an intensive, three-day bootcamp for women wanting to test their entrepreneurial projects.

A CES AWARD for GeoFlex in Las Vegas: French startup makes waves in the world of mobility

GeoFlex, an IncubAlliance startup, took home the innovation prize in the intelligent vehicle category at CES in Las Vegas for their industrial geolocation solution, accurate down to 4 cm, which will enable autonomous vehicles to drive anywhere in the world.

10 IncubAlliance startups making waves at CES Las Vegas 2018

10 startups who completed the IncubAlliance incubation program are attending CES Las Vegas 2018. Let’s take a quick look around.

Stilla Technologies announces €16 million funding campaign

Stilla Technologies, an IncubAlliance startup and pioneer in precision genetic analysis using digital PCR, has just wrapped up a funding round of €16 million led by Illumina Ventures.

IncubAlliance wishes you a happy new year for 2019!

Our team wishes you the very best for this new year.

Kinvent raises €300,000 from UNI.FUND

Kinvent, a startup specialized in physical rehabilitation and biomechanics, announces a €300,000 funding campaign with UNI.FUND, a Greek investment fund. Its goal: support its commercial expansion by selling its products.

WILLA Boost for Women in Deep Tech: WILLA and IncubAlliance works with and supports female entrepreneurs in Deep Tech

WILLA and IncubAlliance are launching the WILLA Boost for Women in Deep Tech program to highlight female entrepreneurs in Deep Tech.

Adionics raises €4 million and launches on the lithium market

Adionics, a startup specialized in desalinating sea water, had raised €4 million from Supernova Invest, entrepreneurs and business angels, and is launching on the rapidly expanding lithium market.

Faraday Aerospace in the top 500 at the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge

Faraday, an IncubAlliance startup specialized in developing electric propulsion systems for certified aviation, has just been selected in the top 500 at the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge for Deep Tech startups.

İUMTEK announces sales of TX 1000 analyzer: real-time diagnostic solution for industrial processes

İUMTEK, an IncubAlliance cleantech startup specializing in industrial optical instrumentation in harsh environments, announces that its first product is now for sale: the TX 1000 analyzer, a versatile instrument for detecting elementary chemical elements.

IncubCelebration: the celebration of IncubAlliance entrepreneurs

IncubAlliance is organizing its second IncubCelebration evening honoring entrepreneurs on Thursday, December 6, 2018.

Four IncubAlliance startups win Innov-Up call for projects

V-Motech, Tridimeo, Posithot and Alzohis, four IncubAlliance alumni, are among the 21 companies who won the Innov-Up Leader PIA call for projects financed by the French government and the Paris Region.

IncubAlliance and WILLA launch call for projects for the WILLA Boost for Women in Deep Tech

The main ambition of WILLA Boost for Women in Deep Tech is to promote the emergence of women entrepreneurs in Deep Tech at the Paris-Saclay cluster. The program launched a call for projects on Monday, October 22.

SQY Cub: Call for applications

SQY Cub, in partnership with IncubAlliance, is recruiting its next class!

€100,000 raised for Numscale in 48 hours on the SIINAPS platform

It took just 48 hours to raise €100,000 on SIINAPS, the Paris-Saclay business crowdfunding platform.

GeoFlex raises €1 million from Demeter

GeoFlex has raised €1 million from Demeter to accelerate the deployment of its worldwide precision positioning services on the mobility, smart city and precision agriculture markets.

Save the Date! 20 years of Paris Region innovation

On November 8, 2018, the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation is celebrating the 20th anniversary of public research incubators and national competition for the creation of innovative technology companies (i-Lab).

Frédéric Capmas joins IncubAlliance team

Frédéric Capmas, who has been directing the Innovation Entrepreneurs branch of Institut d’Optique Graduate School (IOGS), has joined the ranks of IncubAlliance as an Executive Manager.

IncubAlliance attends Drone Paris Région Expo 2018

IncubAlliance will share a booth with Airbus at the first drone trade show organized by the Drones Paris Région cluster that will take place in Brétigny-sur-Orge on September 27, 28 and 29.

Kidiwe, one of the 100 startups to invest in for 2018!

Kidiwe, an IncubAlliance startup alumni that specializes in organizing educational outings, has been named one of the 100 startups to invest in for 2018 by Challenge magazine. Its founder Michael Kissous looks back at his astonishing entrepreneurial adventure.

Veolia, IncubAlliance partner, launches the Water Resourcer Challenge

In June, Veolia, an IncubAlliance partner member, launched the Water Resourcer Challenge, an open innovation challenge focused on the new waste water economy.

Lotaëmi launches its first pre-order sales campaign on the Ulule platform

Lotaëmi, a startup specialized in creating cosmetic products, is launching its first pre-order sales campaign on the Ulule platform.

First successful installation for Quandela

Quandela, an IncubAlliance startup specialized in innovative solutions for quantum technology development, has just successfully installed its first product, eDelight, in Australia.

Sport Quantum launches crowdfunding campaign

Sport Quantum, an IncubAlliance startup specialized in designing connected objects for measuring performance in sports shooting, is launching its first crowdfunding campaign on the Sowefund platform.

United Biometrics attends VivaTech 2018!

United Biometrics, an IncubAlliance startup specialized in securing transactions using multi-biometric authentication, attended the VivaTech show alongside Orange Lab.

DeepTech Female Entrepreneurship: the keynote organized by IncubAlliance and Willa

On May 23, 2018, IncubAlliance (Paris-Saclay tech incubator) and Willa (1st gender diversity accelerator in France) invite you to learn from testimonials about what actions can be taken to support and encourage women in launching businesses and succeeding in Deep Tech entrepreneurship. Ms. Valérie Pécresse,…

GRTgaz: Call for innovation – Energy transition and business digitalization

Each year, as part of its collaborative innovation process, GRTgaz organizes an innovation day. In 2018 it will take place on June 20 and will bring together more than 800 GRTgaz employees at the Cité du Cinéma in Saint-Denis. IncubAlliance is partnering with GRTgaz to source new startups who will have…

IncubAlliance attends Soflab 2018

On March 29, 2018, associate Ensta-ParisTech member IncubAlliance hosted the 1st edition of Soflab at its facilities. This forum was dedicated to innovation for special forces and was organized by the Cercle de l’Arbalète. IncubAlliance was a significant participant at this event and ran the pitch morning.

Funding campaign: €2 million for MirSense after a first funding round

MirSense, an IncubAlliance startup specialized in designing lasers for mid-infrared, mainly used for spectrometry, announces it has wrapped up an initial €2 million round of funding.

Sidemash launches Linkstream, the first virtual video editor

Sidemash, a startup specialized in mobile livestreaming, announces the launch of the beta version of its virtual video editor.

The European Commission and Paris Region visit IncubAlliance

On March 2, 2018, IncubAlliance hosted the European Commissioner for Regional Policy, accompanied by staff from Paris Region, following the recent ERDF grant.

Tackle DRIM’in Saclay challenges to boost the energy transition in collaborative mode

DRIM’in Saclay 2018: Paris-Saclay entrepreneurs, founders and startups: come tackle challenges issued by 11 big companies on issues related to the energy transition! Sign up before March 29, 2018.

Quandela wins Grand Prix Challenge+

Quandela, an IncubAlliance startup specializing in innovative solutions for quantum technology development, was just awarded the Grand Prix HEC Challenge+.

What’s the IncubAlliance trademark? Sharing. Interview with Corinne Borel

Interview article with Corinne Borel, President of IncubAlliance, by Sylvain Allemand for Paris-Saclay Le Média. See this article at

CES 2018: IncubAlliance takes two startups to Las Vegas

CES 2018: IncubAlliance takes two startups to Las Vegas at the Paris Region Enterprises booth in the Eureka Park area.

Best wishes for 2018

Here’s to a happy new year!
Passion, innovation and sharing are the ingredients for 2018, the year for excellence.