“I really enjoy participating in the activities of the IncubAlliance, the Paris-Saclay cluster’s shared incubator. It’s always very stimulating to be surrounded by entrepreneurs who are working on projects that capitalize on really high-quality research and/or engineering work. It’s truly a pleasure over the years to watch the companies we support grow, solve problems, create value and jobs, make a social impact, etc.”

Jean-François Gallouin




“What’s especially interesting with IncubAlliance is to see the evolution in pitches, positioning and, finally, the entrepreneurs themselves. Over the two months of training, the entrepreneurs concretely put into practice what they’re learning. One of the incubator’s strong desires is to be “on the ground,” to be really in touch with the market. That’s relatively unique and it helps projects mature quickly.”

Catherine Kokoreff




“What I like about the IncubAlliance GenesisLab training, particularly in my area, which is marketing, is helping entrepreneurs who are initially focused on the technical aspect to incorporate the customer viewpoint: value attributes, functional and emotional benefits. Thinking about your go-to-market strategy in advance helps avoid failures.”

Bénédicte Sentenac