Start-up entrée en incubation en 2006

XENTECH is a patient-derived tumor xenograft platform offering preclinical cancer models and services for translational drug development.
To foster therapeutic development in oncology, XenTech performs preclinical pharmacology studies using one of the world's largest and best characterized collection of patient-derived tumor xenograft models (PDX) established without intermediary cell culture.

XenTech’s technology is based on one of the world’s largest and best characterized collection of Patient-Derived primary tumor Xenograft models (PDX).
Our ambition is to foster therapeutic development in Oncology by offering an innovative translational platform, developing clinically relevant tumor models and addressing tomorrow’s needs in preclinical oncology research.

XenTech is a spin-off of the Institut Curie, France’s largest cancer research institute, where our scientists have conducted preclinical studies for over 15 years in collaboration with industrial and academic laboratories.
Our team ensures high quality research and ethical standardsand is continuously working to keep up to date with new technologies.