Start-up entrée en incubation en 2007

KALRAY delivers the performance & flexibility of manycore processors for low to medium volume embedded and acceleration applications.
KALRAY’s technology is the combination of a new processor architecture—called MPPA for Multi-Purpose Processor Array—and a unique software parallel programming solution MPPA ACCESSCORE.
The same MPPA silicon circuit can be used for many applications. Thanks to KALRAY’s practical software development environment, it offers systems designers:
High processing power 
High level C programming 
Control over the (low) power consumption
Kalray proposes MPPA MANYCORE (Multi Purpose Processor Array), a family of programmable manycore processors, along with MPPA ACCESSCORE, a high-level C-based programming environment] well-suited for compute intensive and highly parallel applications. This disruptive KALRAY’s massively parallel processor has low power, scalable and deterministic characteristics which allows the emergence of new kinds ofapplications in the super computer and embedded computing domains.