Start-up entrée en incubation en 2004

INOITULOS S.L., a technology consultancy based out of Barcelona, Spain since 2006, has developed IDAPT (, the world’s first universal simultaneous charger for portable electronic devices.

IDAPT is a Barcelona-based company that specializes in the design of innovative solutions that simplify the everyday lives of mobile technology users. Winner of major international awards, IDAPT has consistently designed beautiful, practical, and user-friendly products that allow you to maximize the use of all your electronic devices.
Paying great attention to quality and detail, IDAPT has designed and manufactured its product line in house since 2006. We protect, patent and trade mark our innovations all over the world. IDAPT has distribution agreements at select retailers in more than 30 countries and has existing partnerships with top global companies.
Our Values
IDAPT designed and patented internationally the first universal charger based on a system of interchangeable tips. We continuously strive to design simple and practical solution that combines innovation and style for mobile technology users.
We aim to design long lasting, quality products with 100% compatibility with all devices sold around the world. IDAPT also commits to develop new charging tips for its Universal chargers when new devices enter the market.
With our customers in mind, we aim to design simple and user-friendly products that are suitable for all audiences regardless of social status, age or gender.