VAXON Biotech develops innovative immuno-therapeutic products to treat cancer.

Start-up entrée en incubation en 2003

VAXON Biotech develops innovative immuno-therapeutic products to treat cancer. 
VAXON Biotech is a private company, located in Paris – France, that was founded in 2004. The company develops innovative therapeutic vaccines for the treatment of cancers including lung, gastric, prostate, breast, renal, liver and colorectal cancers, using its proprietary technology of optimized cryptic peptides.
Vaxon Biotech’s vaccines are intended to treat existing cancers (therapeutic vaccines) by stimulating the immune system to recognize and attack human cancer cells without harming normal cells. These vaccines target antigens overexpressed in a very large variety of tumor cells while present in very low quantities in normal cells (universal tumor antigens).
VAXON has a pipeline of tumor vaccines which cover major HLA-I to treat most cancer patients.
The most advanced vaccine, Vx-001, has completed a « proof of principle » Phase I/II clinical trial. Vx-001 has shown good tolerance and elicited a strong immune response in most patients, with a very significant clinical activity in patients with advanced cancers, especially Non Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC), breast cancer and HepatoCellular Cancer (HCC). Vx-001 entered a randomized multicentre phase IIb study in NSCLC in August 2012.
Vx-001 has obtained an orphan medicinal product designation for NSCLC from EMA (European Medicines Agency) in November 2007 and from FDA (Food and Drug Administration, US) in February 2009.

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