Technologie de vision 3D miniature permettant de capturer des scènes 3D a partir d'une caméra à une seule optique.

Cyclopus est une start-up entrée en incubation chez IncubAlliance en mars 2015


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Cyclopus develops miniature 3D cameras for mobile and consumer electronics manufacturers. These cameras allow users to simply shoot 3D movies, and can also be used for augmented / virtual reality applications and 3D scanning.


Based on a “single-eye” technology, Cyclopus cameras are up to 5 times smaller than standard 3D cameras and consume 5-10 times less energy. Their passive 3D capture system doesn’t need any infrared light source, and allow them to work both indoors and outdoors. All these advantages make Cyclopus the ideal solution for integration into mobile or wearable devices.

The camera shoots only the protagonist. No more need for a green screen, you can remove the background in a click from your PC. You can pretend you are anywhere! For instance, you are a young entrepreneur, filmed in your small two-room apartment in the Paris region. With the system developed by Cyclopus, the background of the image can become a vast bright office, located at the very top of a skyscraper !


Cyclopus « 3D with 1 eye » is a patented technology developed by our partner ONERA, The French Aerospace Lab. It allows to capture 3D scenes with a single-lens camera, using a totally passive system.



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