EMF instrumentation and measurement solutions.

Start-up entrée en incubation en 2009

ART-Fi provides solutions to accelerate wireless regulatory compliance across development, pre-compliance testing, and certification using innovative electromagnetic field measurement technologies.

ART-Fi also offers professional services for antenna design, development, and 3D-EM simulation.

ART-FI’s main goal is to provide EMF measurement instrumentation and expertise to support the electronics and wireless industry in efficient delivering of innovative and regulatory compliant products.

Radio transmitters and antenna systems multiply with the major trends of convergence of functionalities and ubiquitous connectivity. As of today, a single smartphone can for instance operate over ten frequency bands and communication modes. The design of high-performance antennas is hence becoming increasingly challenging and even more as usages also diversify. This complexity comes along with a growing number of human exposure situations to EMF, resulting in a larger amount of test configurations for demonstrating compliance with health and safety regulations. However, projects within the electronics & wireless industry are constantly subject to shorter deadlines and time-to-market.

Facing the growing complexity within tighter timelines requires new tools and approaches. This is what we offer to our customers: innovative technologies and sharp expertise to support them in maximizing their efficiency in designing and measuring RF products.

We are trusted by clients worldwide who have already benefitted from ART-Fi’s swift, effective and accurate services

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